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LOWTECH – The Second Issue

$23.00 / Sold Out

– Traditional Hot Rods & Custom Cars
– Cruisers & Drag Racing
– True Stories
– 100+ Pages
- $23 (+ shipping)

LOWTECH – The Second Issue features a carefully curated selection of cars and stories, ranging from traditional hot rods to contemporary mild custom builds, including even a look back at some of the pioneers in drag racing.

Order your copy now and enjoy some great stories and inspired photography! Worldwide shipping!

Table of contents:

- Nathan Sutton's 1932 Ford Fordor

- Mark Kawano's 1962 Chrysler

- The Dragmaster Files

- Surfin' Wheels San Clemente CA

- Brett Miller's 1931 Ford Roadster

- Oceanside Nights

- Jay Dean's 1929 Ford Roadster

- John Boley's 1965 Cadillac

- The Cheaters at Pendine Sands UK

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